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This Week: Oakland Tech, Bicycle Advisory Committee, Housing for Families

Published Monday February 27

…presented by the San Francisco Housing Action Coalition. Wednesday, March 1, 6 pm., SPUR Urban…

Here are this week’s highlights from the Streetsblog calendar:

Mon tonight! Oakland and Prosperity for All: Oakland Newcomers Speak. The tech influx will leave its mark on Oakland, but current residents are concerned about how much the city could, and should, change in the face of this brand new wave of residents.

Join SPUR for this 2nd installment in a whole new series, as newer arrivals discuss how their work in Oakland endeavors to honor the city’s best qualities while bringing prosperity for all. In partnership with the Kapor Center for Social Impact. Mon tonight! Feb. 27, 6 pm, Kapor Center, 2148 Broadway, Oakland. Mon tonight!

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