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Roadshow: Why is California getting rid of Botts’ Dots?

Published Friday February 3

Q I am very not happy with the state’s most recent plan to do away with Botts’

Dots, especially given their reason. Driverless cars may be the future, but they are not the present in which most of us live and drive.

Botts’ Dots are of extraordinary value to those of us who drive in the dark, in stormy weather and on queer roads. They give us a tactile limit to the lanes we should be driving in or are crossing over.

What can be done to stop the removal of the dots?

TELL US WHAT YOU THINK: Should Botts’ Dots be removed from Cali. roadways?

So the state is now using more thermoplastic pavement-marking paint for lane lines. It looks like paint but is reflective and more durable.

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